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No contract is too small, from basic Home Maintenance including pool care, through to providing a full garden landscape design service, English Rose has the expertise to provide the complete Home maintenance service, ensuring that your Florida vacation home is managed and maintained by the people with the personal touch





A pool is seen as an important part of any Florida home, and keeping it clean and correctly chemically balanced is very important for the health and safety of you and your guests as well as the life expectancy of your pool. We will provide a weekly service to keep the pool in peak condition.


The appearance of your yard can play a large factor in the overall appearance of your home, and in many cases it is the outside appearance that makes the property stand out and more appealing to the potential renter. We will provide a yard service, normally once a week in the growing season and as needed during the winter season. 

This service will include: 

  • Cutting the grass - The manager agrees to monitor HOA quality of service and report any concerns to the Owner. 

  • Edge around shrubs, flowers and trees. 

  • Grass whip all areas adjacent to walls and fences. 

  • Maintain plants in the enclosed decking area and replace mulch as required. 

  • Weeding as required to keep the grounds presentable. 

  • Jet wash drive on a frequency required keeping the property looking presentable. (at additional charge)

  • During the winter season when the grass does not require to be cut, as often, lawns will be kept tidy, mulch raked back into borders etc. 

  • Advise on additional work required.


Those living outside of Florida often see Pest control as an unnecessary expense. It is however, extremely important as there are hundreds of species that can invade your home which can not only can cause damage to the structure and contents of the property, but can also cause serious discomfort to guests with their bite or sting. 
We have contracted one of the most reputable companies in the area in the pest control field who will provide a guaranteed bi-monthly service both inside and outside the property. In the unlikely event that any bugs do appear, then the company will come out for no additional charge.


Probably the most single important factor in creating a lasting impression of the homes is its appearance when guests first arrive. As each group vacates the property, our cleaners will come into the home and leave it spotlessly clean ready for the next guests arrival. Each clean is also personally inspected by one of our managers to ensure the standards are maintained to the highest level. 

Each clean includes but is not limited too: 

  • Remove all foodstuffs from cabinets, cupboards, refrigerator, freezer etc. 

  • Check all crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans are clean and stored correctly.

  • Check all kitchen work surfaces, cooker, refrigerator, and other appliances. 

  • Sweep and wash tiles on linoleum/ceramic tiles floors, and vacuum all carpets. 

  • Clean all bathroom fittings, washbasins, mirrors, tiles, showers, baths, etc. 

  • Replace soap and toilet rolls in all bathrooms. 

  • Check all towels and linens etc. are washed, folded, and put back into the correct places. 

  • Put towels and face cloths in all bathrooms. 

  • Make up the beds ready for the next guests. 

  • Wipe down doors. 

  • Dust and polish all tables, chairs, TV'S, bedroom furniture, etc. 

  • Wipe down patio furniture. 

  • Clean marks off the inside of windows. 

  • Sweep all paved areas such as patios and porches. 

  • Put out trash for collection and put new liners in bins. 

  • Immediately report any matter requiring attention to the homeowner.


Please call for more details about and costs regarding any of the below additional services we offer: 


Installation of irrigation system

Pressure washing exterior

Carpet cleaning

 Daily maid service

Airport meet and greet (Orlando/Sandford) International airport - each way) 
Welcome grocery packs

Champagne and Flowers